About Synergyn Performance


Synergyn Performance, based in Tempe, Arizona is committed to providing the best oils, lubricants and fuel additives available anywhere for your racing machine, truck or bus fleet or daily driver. With a 30+ year heritage in auto racing, from short track to drag strip to super speedway, Synergyn products have been track tested and track proven. Based upon our winning motorsports heritage, Synergyn Performance continues to innovate and improve. Whatever, wherever, and however you're driving, Synergyn Performance will make your best even better.

Synergyn Performance provides oil and gasoline and diesel fuel additives for internal combustion engines, racing oils and other transportation-related fluids and industrial lubricants under the Synergyn and XenTx brands. Product performance has been verified through extensive independent laboratory testing and on-the-road testing to exceed the performance of competitive products.


Perhaps the most advanced metal conditioners and fuel additives on the market, XenTx engine and fuel treatments reduce engine friction, corrosion, and the wear of metal surfaces, resulting in greatly reduced carbon emissions, increased power and a significant increase in fuel mileage. Extensive commercial and government trials have proven the incredible performance and service benefits of these revolutionary products.

EPA Registered* XenTx™ Diesel Fuel Treatment surpasses the strict emissions standards of Texas and California with third party bench and field testing confirming fuel savings of approximately 5%. The product is ideal for bulk users such as city transit fleets, stationary diesel engines, long haul truck fleets, government agencies and other and other heavy duty on-road and off-road vehicles.

Synergyn racing oils and lubricants are specially formulated to meet the critical high speed, high temperature needs of racing engines and components where the prevention of thinning or breakdown is essential.

A combination of specially selected base oils, the latest in additive technology and proprietary ingredients, Synergyn Racing Oils offer excellent thermal stability, reduced friction, extreme shock protection, strong anti-corrosion/anti-wear coefficients and superior protection to bearings, camshafts, rings and pistons.

As with all Synergyn products, the racing oils exceed every manufacturer’s specifications and requirements to promote greater performance and better fuel economy in any engine – street or track. Dynamometer tests have substantiated how Synergyn Racing Oils (API Service Classifications CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF/SL, SJ and SH) increase horsepower to the wheels from 2 to 4 percent over other engine oils.

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